Straight from the North Ronaldsay sheep to a fully finished product ready for knitting and felting.

Step 1

On receiving the Fleeces they are first sorted, graded, skirted and washed.

Step 2

After  being washed and dried the fibre goes through the Picking Machine where it is opened and conditioning oil is sprayed over it to protect the fibres during further processes.

Step 3

In the next processing stage, the coarser fibres are removed as it goes through the dehairer.

Step 4

Next stage is the carder where the fibre is combed out and made into rovings or batts. It is now ready for handspinners or felters.

Step 5

For further processing in the mill, the drawframe is the next stage. 2 or 3 bins of rovings goes through this machine at a time being stretched and further re-aligned before spinning.

Step 6

The wool is spun into singles on the 8 spindle spinner and then plied on the 4 spindle spinner.

Step 7

The twist is set on the steamer  before going on to cones or into hanks.

The felt machine makes sheets of felt approx. 36’’ x 48’’ in various thicknesses.

Did you know…

Like the Herdwick sheep in the Lake District that heft to their own fells, North Ronaldsay Sheep remain loyal to their own areas of the shore known on the island as clowgangs.